Best Soup in Springfield

A young woman is eating a bowl of ramen on a wooden table

Photo: Getty Images

Who doesn't love a good soup in the middle of Winter.... or whatever this season is. I mean one day it's like 55 and then the ne.... you know what? Not gonna go down that road. We're talking soup!

Our friends at 417 Magazine have listed out the best ones in town. Here are a few of my faves -

Signature Karai Ramen - Karai Ramen on W. Republic Rd. Nothing like a little bone broth with all the fixins to make a cold day a little warmer.

Dill Potato Soup - Druff's in downtown Springfield. Not being a HUGE dill guy (the language choice isn't lost on me) this soup is pretty killer. And potato soup is the best for making "just the soup" a full meal.

If you like these pics, make sure to sign up for 417 Magazine's Table Talk. They'll hit you with the latest local foodie news so you don't need to take advice from that guy at work who knows stuff about food, but also sucks.

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