Clint Girlie

Clint Girlie

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My 'real' name is Clint Gerlek... but as you can imagine, a kid with THAT last name, was gonna snag the nickname Girlie by at least 12 years old and I sure did. Thanks, Little League Baseball. :)

Anyway...Imported from San Diego in 2002. Found a home and built a life here in SWMO. What up, Republic! My wife is a very gifted mental health therapist, and I’m probably her most gifted client. We have a beautiful new baby, CeCe who was born in 2016 and we love her soooooo much! I'm sure you'll see pics of her on here if you just keep scrolling. Just be prepared... she's the cutest baby in the history of babies, ever. You've been warned. :)



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