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Kicking Off 3-Month Weight Loss Campaign - With Supplement Superstores

A while back (2010-2011) I lost 115 lbs. It was LIFE CHANGING. And it was due, in large part, to the products and coaching I got from Supplement Superstores.

Well, a lot of life has happened in the last decade. I've gotten married, had two kids, bought our forever home, and eaten a lot of really delicious (terrible for me) food. And my health has paid the price.

So today, at the age of 37, I've decided to do something about it. So, where did I start? You know where.

Yesterday, I stepped on the body scanner at Supplement Superstores. Here was the result:

There's A LOT of info there. But basically, it says I should probably drop about 30 lbs. Personally, I'd like that to be closer to 40. I'm a big guy, with a big frame, so 280 isn't necessarily the WORST shape I've ever been in, but if I'm not careful it could be a real problem. (BTW - Supplement Superstores do this scan for free. Most places charge hundreds for this.)

So, I got with the guys and went over the report, explained to them that my biggest issue is portion control, and with their assistance we developed an eating plan that would fit my lifestyle without killing me with a ton of extra work/steps.

Then, I explained to them what I had in my home gym to workout with. And once again, they came up with a totally customized workout plan for me (2 phases) that would span the next 3 months.

They also helped me with picking some supplements that would make dropping the weight, and getting healthier, that much faster and easier:

Now, you might ask, "Why 3 months?" Well, two reasons. Number one, we've got family pictures coming up in the middle of October and who wants to look bad in those? BUT... number two, I think 3 months could be a perfect sample size to show what these guys (Supplement Superstores) can help you do if you're willing to put the work in.

So... here we go! Two days down, 3 months to go. And if you'd like to try something like this with me, I'd totally encourage you to visit Supplement Superstores and just talk with the guys. They're not gonna try and hard sell you or pressure you into anything. What they are gonna do is help you understand the science behind your health and weight loss and do what they can to help. Heck, if you want, I'll even go with you. Probably gonna need more protein powder here soon, anyway.

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