How (And When) To Ask For A Raise

Businessman having a meeting with his team over a video call

Let's just get this out of the way right now - we both know you have earned a raise. After the past few years (especially last year) you've got all the ammo you need to ask for more money. But how?

There are some experts who say you should consider the following when you're finally ready to make your request... I liked #3 the best.

  1. Know Your Worth. When is the last time you checked on what other people with the same position as you are making? According to corporate coach Nick Goldberg, a great step to take before asking your boss for a raise is to check out “comparison websites, recruitment agencies and HR departments” to find out how much you should be getting based on your occupation and experience. You could be a few Google searches away from finding out you’re being criminally undervalued.
  2. Timing Is Everything. Goldberg says “knowing when to ask can sometimes be just as important as knowing how to ask.” While there’s no perfect window of opportunity, waiting for a time when management is in a good mood and right after you’ve just rocked out on a project is about as good as a time as any. Knowing when your company sets its budget for the year might also help.
  3. Avoid Ambushes. Just like you wouldn’t like it if your boss randomly told you they were cutting your pay, no employer wants to be put on the spot to give someone a raise. This is why Goldberg says to “make sure your boss or manager has plenty of warning of your intentions.” A good move would be to request a performance review and let it be known that you want to talk about pay. Then show up to that meeting prepared to show them exactly why you deserve a bump in pay.

If you want to go a little deeper, here's a great article on the subject. Good luck!

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