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You're Paying Way More Than You Should for Pumpkin Spice

Woman holding glass of tasty pumpkin spice latte on wooden table, flat lay composition

One of the cruelest things about being a woman is the “Pink Tax.” For those who haven’t experienced it – the Pink Tax is the consistent overcharging for products deemed essential for women while similar male themed products cost less.

Now that you’re familiar – get ready for another price gouge – The Pumpkin Tax.

According to Magnify Money on average, the price for pumpkin spice items has risen over the past few years, and WE are paying for it. 8.8% more to be exact. That’s up 10% over last year. Why? Because they can, that’s why.

For example – the PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Latte) at Starbucks costs 15.9% MORE than their non-pumpkin latte.

For another example – at Whole Foods, the price of their sandwich crème desserts varies between .15 an ounce for regular, and w WHOPPING .41 per ounce for pumpkin.

Now, to me, this pretty simple: The Pumpkin Tax is just another appendage of the Pink Tax. I’m not saying men doesn’t like a good pumpkin flavored drink – but based on my experience, more women than men go for it.

So… what do we do about it?

I really don’t know. I mean, we’re all pretty aware of the Pink Tax and no one seems to be able to fix that.

Until they do, I guess we just have to choke this one down. At least it tastes good.

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