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Missouri #26 On 'Best States For Family' - Here's Why It Should Be Higher

BREAKING NEWS: Missouri comes in at #26 on the list of “Best States To Raise A Family In.” The list (link below) took into account all sorts of factors that go into raising a family like health care, crime rates, affordability and others.

And when I read the list I was kind of… shocked. 26th? I mean, that’s the BOTTOM half. Never in the entire adult life I’ve spent in Missouri has my experience ever been “bottom-half” worthy. Even when I was broke and barely scraping by it was still better than 26th.

And then it hit me.

You know what this list didn’t take into account? What it neglected to measure and rank?

The people.

The neighbors and friends and perfect strangers who all make this state their home by treating you like you’re in their own.

I think if you would add the people of Missouri into the equation we’d probably rank a little higher.

Top 25 at least. :)


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