This post is brought to you by DRAMAMINE.


It's a drug - legal - drug - used to prevent motion sickness. Normally, people take it when they get on ships and boats which take them out to the ocean... if they find they're susceptible to the rocking of a boat and the crashing of waves and the swaying too and fro of... things.

It's a drug I should have taken before I went on a deep sea fishing excursion with my dad and brother over the weekend.

Here's the story...

Over the weekend, my dad, my Bro, Todd, and I took off on an eight hour fishing trip. The trip would take us two and one-half hours off the coast of the Gulf Of Mexico, in US waters, to fish for RED SNAPPER and some KING FISH. It's a typical 'deep sea' fishing trip... and it's a trip which many take.

On the way out... the gulf was choppy... sitting on the starboard side, the waves are crashing into the bow, and we were getting sprayed, the boat is hopping up and down... back and forth... and as we continued on our way, at full throttle... I started to feel some sort of feeling.

You know that feeling.

That... sea sick feeling.

What happened next... is what happens when life takes over and motion sickness takes over. I won't gross you out with the details but... wow.

It got pretty miserable pretty fast. I looked at my watch in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, looking at the watch would help speed up time. It didn't.

After several other moments of... sickness... we arrived at the place where we would fish for Red Snapper. It was a fruitful stop. We each got the maximum two-per-person we could catch. From there, it was back in motion... to the place where we would fish for King Fish.

After a few more bouts of... sick... we made it to the place where the King Fish were. I baited up my line, cast in, caught one and that was when I needed to go to the inside cabin, an air-conditioned room other fishers on the trip called the "infirmary." Indeed, that's what it was.

One of the crew of the ship gave me some sort of pill - bromide, I believe - which would help the effects of motion-sickness to subside. After about half-an-hour, I was back in action... and we made our way back after I cast in another line or two...

All in all, it was a great day - and great weekend - of family bonding. But, I will say this... I learned a powerful lesson...

... the lesson of dramamine.

You need to have the dramamine if you are going to get out on the ocean. You never know when the motion-sickness will show up. So be ready.

I will be next time.

Dramamine. Who knew.

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