Sisanie Has an Instagram Dilemma: to Unfollow or Mute Her Nephew's Ex?

Should you unfollow or mute on Instagram? That is the question! Sisanie shared on-air on Friday, January 17, that she did an Instagram sweep and cleaned up who she follows on Instagram — but she doesn’t know what to do with certain people.

“I did a clean sweep of my Instagram, of people I follow, over the holiday break and I stopped following like 300 people and most of it I would go on to see if they were following me and if they weren’t following me back then I would just unfollow them,” Sisanie explained. “… And then I came across some of my nephew’s ex-girlfriends that I still follow [and I don’t know what to do]. … She’s a kid and she follows me so I don’t want to like unfollow her, but also like she’s not with my nephew anymore.”

Sisanie added that the issue is her nephew is turning 16 and his dating life is just beginning.

“If I start following every girlfriend he has I’m gonna have big problems in ten years,” Sis joked. “I’’m already on girlfriend No. 2 now.”

Sooo what should Sis do? Watch back the video above to learn how Ryan Seacrest and Tanya think and sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan.

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