Sisanie Tests Out Making Slimming Detox Water! Watch

Refreshing! With the new decade and chance at resolutions, Sisanie tested out infused water which is beneficial when it comes to debloating and more. Infusing water with detoxifying ingredients such as lemon not only helps flavor the water, which you’ll then drink more of, but it also helps rid the body and skin of toxins.

“I love flavored water … and drinking that throughout the day,” Sis shares in the video above, explaining that “these specific fruits that are in this water are actually beneficial and great form of detox.”

Check out the benefits from each below and watch the video above to make slimming detox water at your house too!

Lime and lemon: Helps with digestion and relieves bloating

Ginger: Naturally calms the belly; anti-inflammatory; helps with fat burning and boosts immune system

Orange: Vitamin C

Mint: Stimulates digestion and adds flavor

Cucumber: Contains vitamins A, B, and C and electrolytes to reduce water retention

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