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Unlikely Friendship Forms Between Toddler and 99-Year-Old Neighbor

Girl and grandmother, cheek to cheek, close-up, partial view

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Here's today's feel-good story:

During the pandemic, a surprising friendship was formed between a 2-year-old, Benjamin Olson, and 99-year-old Mary O'Neill, neighbors in Minnesota.

“For more than a year, he didn’t see other kids. He didn’t interact with anyone except our family and Mary,” Benjamin’s mom, Sarah Olson, said. “They ended up forming an incredibly strong bond.”

Mary lost her husband 37 years ago and would wave to Benjamin from behind a window. That later turned into venturing outside to say hello and then having regular meet-ups by the fence.

Sometimes the two will blow bubbles together, play games, and hold hands.

“Mary is fiercely independent. She doesn’t really show her cards,” Sarah explained. “So I got really emotional when I heard her say that she missed Benjamin on the days when it was too cold or rainy to go outside.”

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