#WINE: This SPACE WINE could sell for ONE MILLION BUCKS??! Wow!


In case you missed it, a bottle of Petrus 2000, was launched into space on November 2nd, 2019...and stayed aboard the International Space Station until January 14th of this year. It got aboard the space station as part of an experiment conducted by Space Cargo Unlimited which is doing research on the future of agriculture. Now it’s up for auction, and it’s estimated to go for at least $1-million.

If you’re going to drop that kind of cash on a bottle of wine, you probably want some ‘extras,’ right? If aging in outer space isn’t enough for you, this bottle comes in a custom “Star Trek” inspired trunk with a corkscrew made from a meteorite! And of course, a couple of glasses to drink from. For those unsure if you’ll be able tell if “space aging” actually made a difference? The buyer will also get a bottle of the vintage that was aged in a cellar.

You know, on Earth.

According to Tim Triptree, Christie’s Wine & Spirits Department International Director, before it’s otherworldly journey, an earthbound bottle of Petrus 2000 went for $10-grand. So where does the million-dollar tally come from? Triptree says it’s “because of the anticipation appeal to wine connoisseurs, space buffs and the wealthy.” In other words, fancy people will pay for both the cool fact AND the flavor. And before you scoff too much at the price tag, proceeds of the sale will go towards funding future space missions.

So, if you've got some extra LOOT laying around... click here and maybe you could win this insanely amazing bottle of wine!

HT: Christie's Auctions