#Life: The Best And Worst States For Millennials Would Be...

Millennials if you’re thinking about picking up and moving, or becoming one of those Instagrammers living in a van for some reason, listen up! WalletHub.com has crunched the numbers to figure out exactly where folks our age are most appreciated. Based on 36 key metrics including things like share of millennials, millennial unemployment rate, and millennial voter turnout, here are the top five states for Millenials in 2021:

1. Massachusetts

2. District of Columbia

3. Washington

4. Minnesota

5. Wisconsin

Massachusetts and Washington D.C. managed to rank so high thanks to cleaning up in the Millennial education and health numbers as well as overall for quality of life. Meanwhile, among other things Washington nabbed the third spot thanks to a high level of affordability.

Now since it’s almost more important than the top five, here are the worst states to be a Millennial:

51. West Virginia

50. New Mexico

49. Mississippi

48. Oklahoma

47. Louisiana

What makes West Virginia so bad for our generation you may ask? Well… they scored the lowest in civic engagement, economic health, and quality of life. They were in the middle of the pack in terms of affordability though so at least they’ve got that going for them...