How To Deal With An Insecure Partner

Young man overthinking in the park

Young man overthinking in the park

Have you ever dated someone who was veery insecure in your relationship? Maybe they were hurt in the past from a previous relationship and it carried over into your relationship.

It can be difficult when you are secure with yourself but you are with someone that is not as confident.

The team over at put together a list of how to deal with an insecure partner. Here are five questions you should ask yourself if you are dealing with insecurities:

  1. Am I apart of the problem?
  2. What can I do to help?
  3. What part of my partner's insecurity is tolerable
  4. and...what part isn't?
  5. Is this likely to change?

To get more insight on relationship insecurities and how to help with it- check it out here!

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