July 4th Cocktails

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Planning the menu is half of the fun of planning a party! At least for me--but I'm a planner. I love a themed cocktail for that special occasion. Whether you are staying at home this Independence Day or enjoying a small gathering, here are a few fun July 4th cocktail ideas to make your celebration a blast! The alcohol in most of these cocktails can also be omitted so every guest at your party can enjoy! And of course, if you will be enjoying the "spirit" in the holiday, make sure you have a designated driver or alternate method of getting home. Please don't drink and drive so everyone can have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Rocket Jello Shot-- This red, white, and blue jello shot comes complete with a sparkler candle! While they might be a little time consuming to prepare, they will definitely add a spark to your party! You can also omit the vodka for a kid friendly treat. Just make sure you use different plastic/glassware for the alcohol free version to easily identify the difference. Click here for the recipe and how to video.

Red, White, and Boozy Margaritas--Grenadine and Blue Curacao are the key ingredients for giving this frozen treat its colorful, layered look. Delish.com recommends making the mixture as thick as possible for easy layering. Click here to check out the recipe and how to video. Warning, the contents of this video may not be suitable for those who are still at work and ready to kick off the weekend.

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Watermelon Keg--You'll seal the deal as the "hostess with the mostess" if you make a Watermelon Keg for your next party. It looks super fun and the sweet watermelon provides a fresh base for whatever you choose to fill it with. You can use a mixture of fresh fruit juice (try blending the watermelon you scraped out) along with some ginger ale or club soda to keep it family friendly. Those who prefer a cocktail can add a shot of their choice (I'm thinking spiced rum sounds yummy) and stir. Click here for step by step instructions for making your watermelon keg.

Popsicle Cocktails--No July 4th celebration is complete without a Bomb Pop. And this recipe combines your favorite frozen July 4th treat with a little bubbly! Just grab a bottle of your favorite champagne or prosecco and a box of Bomb Pops and that's all you need to make this effervescent concoction. Make it family friendly and substitute the champagne with your favorite sparkling water like Bubbly or La Croix. Put the Bomb Pop in a glass with the stick up, pour in the sparkling beverage of your choice, and serve. The colors/flavors of the Bomb Pop will infuse with your beverage for a festive, bubbly drink.

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Old-Fashioned Lemonade--Nothing screams summer more than a cold glass of fresh squeezed lemonade. Add some muddled raspberries to the bottom of the glass before you stir, and some frozen blueberries to top it off and now you've made your old fashioned lemonade a little more July 4th festive. Make it an adult version with a shot of vodka. A sugar rimmed mason jar makes it feel even more old-fashioned. Click here for Country Living's Old-Fashion Lemonade Recipe.

Captain America Shot--These red, white and blue shots are sure to put a bang in your July 4th celebration! It may take a little practice to get the perfect layered look. Click here for the recipe and some helpful tips.

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