24 People Charged With Intentionally Setting Australia Brushfires

The #1 story in the world right now (or maybe #2...): The Australian brushfires.

According to new reports, 24 people have been charged with intentionally setting the fires that have burned through the majority of the country. The New South Wales Police Force says it has taken action against more than 180 people for brushfire-related offenses dating back to November.

Fire front, wall of fire, line of fire, forest fire, bushfire in the valley, Blue Mountains, Australia

24 of those 180 are charged with deliberately setting the fires... Which is one of the worst things I've read in a very long time.

If convicted, they will be facing "25 years in prison for property damage with the intention of endangering life, 25 years for manslaughter, and 21 years for starting a bushfire and 'being reckless as to its spread.'" 

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source: WCNC

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